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Xightor Pro - Video Door Entry System HOME SECURITY

Rp. 4,000,000

  1. Easy to install - Seamless wall installation with standard 86mm x 86mm wall box and no protrusive installation rack needed which blends seamlessly into the interior design of any modern home. 
  2. Easy to use - Intuitive graphic user interface easy to learn and easy to use for the occupants. 
  3. Easy to expand - Easily expandable to scene control or alarm system with provided comprehensive wiring terminals for system integration which can increase the attractiveness of property.  
  4. Easy to be in-style - Same design excellence with award-winning ZENcelo full-flat switch adding a stylish touch to the interior décor of homes.


Xightor Pro Entrance Door Entry System adds a touch of class to traditional systems. It features touchscreen control and is designed to blend in seamlessly into the interior decoration of a house maintains consistent aesthetic when used with ZENcelo range of switches and socket while the door station and management software ensure round-the-clock security for occupants.

The Xightor Pro range from Schneider Electric offers:

  • Indoor units with 7’’ or 10’’ LCD screen
  • Indoor unit frame covers with different colors and materials
  • Outdoor stations with OLED or 7’’ LCD screen
  • Video doorbell with name tag
  • Device management server PC software
  • Concierge desk service PC software
  • Android and Apple iOS mobile phone apps
  • Public server software for internet video talk

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